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I am a self taught artist who uses cosmetics (lipstick, finger nail polish, eye brow shadow, and other household items) to create the most vibrant, bold, brilliant, and beautiful collage paintings ¬†on 8 ¬Ĺ x 11 acid free¬†white paper.¬†I create artwork to make people smile. I create artwork for everyday people and collectors. My artwork is enjoyed by people of all ages, races, and backgrounds.¬†I have created so many wonderful paintings because women of all backgrounds donate their used and excess cosmetics.¬†Gloria‚Äôs Art is for everyone! ¬†Visit ¬†the¬†Art Gallery¬†page to ¬†purchase your own ¬†makeup masterpiece¬†.

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Hey Yall, I am so excited about my new hairdo.¬† I have not had a new hairdo in 25 years.¬† My daughter, LaToya did my hair in twisties.¬† My husband, Ben, didn’t know if he liked it at first because he only saw my hair one way, a short afro. Two days, later he told…