“I love creating beautiful pictures that bring joy and happiness!” Gloria Garrett


 My name is Gloria Garrett and I am the Mother of Makeup Art. I use a unique combination of makeup which entails lipstick, eyeliner, eye shadow, and every day office items, such as whiteout, crayons, highlighters, pens pencils and markers to create one of a kind pieces of art. I paint on plain white 8 ½ x 11 acid free paper. I draw everyday people doing everyday things like, playing checkers, jumping rope, putting on makeup, and baking cookies. I create folk art for the folks.

I am a self taught artist, performer, poet, and historian. I’ve been drawing since I was five. In September 2005, I decided to add color to my artwork. I was allergic to the traditional paints. Cosmetics like lipstick, finger nail polish, eye brow pencil and shadow was my solution. They add bright and bold colors full of energy, warmth, beauty and love to my pictures and portraits.

I am a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, and daughter who paints people because people fill the world with love. I hope my artwork will fill the Baltimore area and the world with beauty and love too.

Words of Praise

“A Real Artist- Gloria Garrett”

By: Marsha Hammel

The term “outsider” or “folk artist” or “self-taught” has been liberally applied to describe all sorts of art and artists often erroneously.   Sophisticated professionals have embraced the definition to give themselves an angle or to appeal to a particular collector. Some of the so-called Arte Brute is clearly not made by untrained folk artists. A trained artist myself I can easily see the difference and I find it disingenuous for artists to classify themselves as such.

Gloria Garrett, however, is the real thing. Her paintings emerge from her tiny studio, several rooms in a small apartment shared with her husband, Ben, as emanations of her personality, full of joi de vie and a focus on the best of humanity.

Working on standard size 8 ½ x 11 in paper she creates windows to moments of joy, contentment, love and the small pleasures of life. Her intuitive style, covering the page with marks of color built up in layers, reminded me of the French post impressionist Bonnard. Her subjects, families, children, animals, lovers, flowers; the confetti of daily life reminded me of the American post-impressionist Pendergast.

Yet Gloria Garrett never heard of either of these famous artists.  She has not had the benefit of art school or access to art history or art theory. Her work is unprocessed. Her natural instincts for color and form, composition and expression are completely without pretension. Within her small format she creates a world of human emotion, rhythmic vitality and the expression of her positive philosophy.

Recognition of this important American artist is over due. Gannet’s approach to life and art is an inspiration that should be shared. These radiant little paintings would illuminate the best instincts in people who have, perhaps, become disillusioned and worried about the state of the modern world.

Gloria Garrett’s paintings are a reflection of the best in humanity; compassion, love and delight in the intimate joys of life.  


 Video Interview from Fox 45 News