Our Miss Brooks (318x420)People feel my artwork and they have great words to say about my creations.

This art is something that you must see. These 8 ½ by 11 originals and  prints seem to touch everyone’s heart. They are full of color, energy, excitement, emotion, and feeling. The materials used, lipsticks, crayon, eye brow pencil, eye shadow and other household items add a touch of wonder to my artwork. You will feel the energy and power in every painting. One picture can take me up to 17 hours to complete. It takes me so long because I keep layering the same thing over and over again before I feel as though it is the color I want it to be.My folk art is about the folks. They will bring back cheerful memories. My exuberant collage drawings made from cosmetics depict subjects that are historical, spiritual, and celebratory. I have created  paintings for the world to enjoy.

Materials & Techniques:
Sometimes I paint on floor and sometimes I stand. I paint with my fingers and use my fingernails to scratch the picture.  I also use other sharp objects like rocks, knives, scissors to scratch, pencil and ink pen, sometimes I use pencil to draw in faces.  I used tubes of lipstick, eye shadows,  lip gloss, eye brow pencil, rouge, lip gloss, foundation, mascara, and other makeup that people donate to me.  I illustrate most of my pictures first to ensure that I have everything I want on the paper. I try to add texture and depth with scratching, layering, and collaging, and using whiteout for movement.
Smell the Roses (222x300)
Why should you buy my paintings:
You should buy my artwork because I paint people who look like someone’s family member, friend or even themselves.  My  paintings will bring back or give you happy memories.  They will cheer you up when you are down.   They will help make you smile and make your world a brighter place. I paint religious pictures that lift my spirits and  renew my faith and they will lift you spiritually too
The benefit of continuously buying my artwork:
I am consistently painting new pictures because people are consistently sharing their used and old makeup with me.  They uplift me and inspire me to continue to use my talents to bring joy, peace, love, and faith to the world.  Painting is my passion. The new paintings that I bring into the world will remind you of someone who brought , brings, or will bring joy, peace, love, and faith to your life. You should come back because we regularly change our prints and originals.  Once a original is sold it is gone.  There is only one original. Also we will sell a certain number of prints at the this gallery before we take it down and sell new prints.  I started painting to uplift my spirits and I continue to paint because my painting can uplift your spirits too.

Helen Keller said: “The most beautiful things in the world cannot been seen or touched, but they are felt by the heart.”