The Joy of Makeup, Featuring Gloria Garrett The Baltimore City Paper featured a wonderful story on me and my art in The Art and Entertainment Section today!. The Joy of Makeup by Edward Erickson, Jr. It is two entire pages.!! I felt honored to have this entire section dedicated to me and my art. It has a picture of me in…

Feature Story in Baltimore City Paper

The Baltimore City Paper will feature a story about me and my art this Wednesday, July 5, 2017. I am really excited about this. The Baltimore City Paper is a free weekly paper that shares news about the happenings in Baltimore City. You will learn how I started to paint with makeup and you will…

Baltimore Art Scene May 2017

This video is about all the wonderful art events that I attended in Baltimore City in May 2017. It is filled with photographs and my paintings from makeup.

Cloisters Castle

This video is about my wonderful visit to a Tea Room at Cloisters Castle during the Thanksgiving holiday. It is filled with stories, photographs, and my makeup paintings.

My Trip to Rome

This video tells the story of my wonderful trip to Rome. You will see photos and paintings of the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and other sites I visited. You will also see charming Roman water fountains and statues. Thank you to my sponsors and supporters for making this trip possible.

Gloria’s Archives: Recollection, Life Through Art at the BMA

In this video I am part of the program, Recollection: Life Through Art at The Baltimore Museum of Art. I compare my art studio with the replica of the Cone Sisters Apartment at The Baltimore Museum of Art. You can also see more of my videos from my archives on my YouTube channel

Artists’ Highlights: Ben Hamburger

I am interviewing Baltimore artist, Ben Hamburger, in my video series: Artists’ Highlights. You can see his portraits from formstone and hear his interviews with community members at You can also listen to another interview about Ben’s project with NPR at