Link to Channel 45 News Segment, Folk Art for the Folks

This is the link where you can see the Channel 45 News segment about my makeup art and me. Jeff Abell and his photographer, Joe, did a great job capturing the beauty of my art and the gift God gave me.

My Art at The Benjamin Banneker History Museum

The Benjamin Banneker Historical Museum has my  African dolls in their permanent collection.   They also plan to purchase my coloring book, The Great Warrior. In this book  a son asks his father, “Father, why is it that in our books, our great warriors always defeat the lions, who are better suited for fighting in the…

Monument Quilt Reception

After a series of Monument Quilt workshops organized by Gloria Garrett throughout Baltimore, Rita Church Community Center hosted a culminating display on September 1, 2017.

Channel 45 News Interview

Channel 45 News Reporter, Jeff Abell, with his videographer, interviewed me on September 22, 2017 in my studio. I told them how I became The Mother of Makeup Art and I painted a picture for them with makeup. They followed me to the Science Center where I painted live for a Drink At The Well…

Artist Highlights: Eddie Tombs IV

In this video, I interview Baltimore Artist, Eddie Tombs, IV. He is a wonderful painter and photographer. You read more about him on his website: