My New Do

My new do
Hey Yall, I am so excited about my new hairdo.  I have not had a new hairdo in 25 years.  My daughter,
LaToya did my hair in twisties.  My husband, Ben, didn’t know if he liked it at first because
he only saw my hair one way, a short afro. Two days, later he told me he loved it.
  I love being natural, but now I can be natural with a new hairdo.  I have gotten a lot of compliments.
It is so cultural and it makes you look younger. The best part is it is easy to manage.  I put
a silk cap on it. Take it off in the morning, spray it with a special spray Toya made and I am
ready.  I feel like a new woman and I feel like I can do anything now.
Color, love & energy,

Glo “Mother of Makeup Art”

Gloria Garrett My New Do 2

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