Makeup Donations

Women in the Baltimore area donate their used makeup to me to paint my delightful and cheerful paintings to bring joy to someone’s life. Smell the Roses (111x150) I use 10 tubes of lipstick and four to five sets of eye shadow, mascara and other items on one 8.5 x 11 painting.  I could not paint without these generous donations. I started painting to bring the joy back in my life and the lives of others.  When I paint I am full of wonder and joy and I want my paintings to fill the world with those same feelings. With funding, I would go see clients and their loved ones to paint their dreams and memories. I specialize in painting people doing happy things like cooking, dancing, playing, laughing, jumping rope, singing, and getting married.  My artwork has lots of texture, depth, emotion and feeling.  My paintings would brings smiles and joy back to lots of people like they have done for me.

Contact me to donate your used make to help make the world a happier place.Thanks for your support.

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