How I Started Painting with Makeup

In early 2005, I woke up when the Lord told me that I was going to paint.  I didn’t know what I was going to paint with because I was allergic to most paints. My mother called the next day and said that she had some makeup for me.  I used lipstick only.  She had lipstick, eye shadows, eyebrow pencils, rouge, and other kinds of makeup.  A light bulb Gloria Garrettwent off.  I said to myself that you paint your lips with lipstick, your eyes with eye shadow, and your cheeks with rouge.  I thought maybe I can paint my pictures with makeup too.  I have been illustrating since I was three years old, when my mother would give me plain paper and I would illustrate pictures in coloring books without tracing.  By September 2005, I figured out how to paint my pictures with makeup.  My artwork is full of texture, depth, and bold colors because makeup gives my artwork the same uplift and wonder that it gives people.  Now, I am known as the Mother of Makeup Art. I have been selling originals and prints of my precious paintings for nearly 10 years.  They are full of color, energy, excitement, emotion, and feeling. I call my art Fantasy Art or Happy Prints because they add bold bright colors, warmth, and beauty to any environment.   A day after I painted my first picture, I sold a copy of it to Ted Frankel, owner of the Gift Shop in The American Visionary Art Museum in downtown Baltimore. Ted  has been buying my original art on a regular basis ever since.

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